Privacy Policy

ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA works and deals with its services through the web at www.logisticadda.in (referred to in this as “ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA”, “Website”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”) . ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA is an online reference portal or platform through which Users (referred to in this as “Service User”) can benefit the administrations (alluded to in this as “Administration”) offered on the Website, from third-party service providers ((referred to in this as “Service Provider”).

We need all the users of our website (collectively brought up herein, for the sake of this Privacy Policy, as “User”, “You”, “Your”) to produce some information (as outlined below) to be able to supply or use the specified Services. we tend to perceive and respect your privacy, and therefore we’ve set out a Privacy Policy (referred to herein as “Policy”) to clarify to you very well, regarding the following:

  • What data we tend to gather from you
  • How we plan to utilise and share that data
  • How you can oversee, access and update your data
  • The manners by which you can control how we use or offer your data
  • How we ensure and defend your data put away by us

By utilising or interfacing on our Website in any means, or by presenting your data on our Website, you consent to the terms and arrangements set out in this Policy and explicitly agree to the assortment, use and revelation of your data, as clarified in this Policy. On the off chance that you don’t consent to the Terms of this Policy, if it’s not too much trouble stop using or getting to the Website and its Services.


ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA expects you to outfit some by recognizable data (“Personal Information”) to have the option to utilize, profit and offer the Services through our Website. The data we gather from you, which might be totally or in part open to different Users of the Website, relies upon the motivation behind your association with ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA.

Aside from such Personal Information, there might be different sorts of data which we may gather about your utilization of our Website and additionally Services, and recurrence of your visits to our Website alongside other data in connection to the equivalent (“Tracking Information”) for the reasons for Website Analytics and Ad Networks (as clarified beneath), to help in surveying the pertinent promotions that must be focused to Users and different purposes as mentioned in this Policy.



ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA does not need Service Users to make a different record or profile to have the option to ask for, use or benefit the specified Services through our Website. In any case, to have the option to post an invitation for a Service, we will expect you to give us your essential Personal Information, for example:

  • Name;
  • Phone Number;
  • Email Address;
  • Locality and City you are currently residing in;
  • Locality and City that you are moving to;

ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA may likewise gather whatever other data that you decide to distribute or post on our Website including however not restricted to audits,ratings or feedback (all things considered thus as “Reviews”), or your reactions or remarks (“Comments”) in our discussion discourses, blogs, or some other comparative correspondences. ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA additionally claims all authority to record any of your communications and discussions you may have with us, either through visit or informing, messages sent to ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA, or telephone calls to the ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA group, explicitly for quality and preparing purposes.


ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA requires Service Providers to make a different record or (“Profile”) on the Website to have the option to:

  • Use or access the Website ;
  • Show data about yourself and your business for Service Users to see and profit your Services;
  • React to Service User Requests;
  • Contact Service Users to whom we allude your organization;
  • Offer or give the Services mentioned by Service Users;

While making your Profile, you have to give us your Personal Information, for example:

  • Your Full Name;
  • Business or Company Name;
  • Company Website;
  • Phone Number;
  • Email Address;

We may gather insights about your website, from your website’s ‘About Us’ page, depiction of the Services given by you, and photographs and recordings assuming any (“Website Information”).

As a feature of the on-boarding process:

Service Providers recognise and concur that they will be exposed to a proper Background Verification technique by our designated Verification Executive, so as to confirm and check the Service Provider’s authenticity, validity, legitimacy, appropriateness and qualification for a specific reason. The Verification Executive will gather and do a total check of the reports of the Service Provider(s) and his/her Company or Business (“Company Information”) through phone and in-person meet. For such a strategy, you will be required to outfit the accompanying archives about the Company:

  • Company Owner’s Aadhaar Card
  • Company Owner’s PAN Card
  • GST Registration Certificate
  • Company Address Proof (any one of: Rental Agreements, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill)
  • Voter ID, Driving License, and Passport (optional documents relying upon the necessities of ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA)
  • In the event that the Owner is in a better place from the area of the Company, we will require the Aadhaar Card of the individual dealing with the activities of the Company just as Aadhaar Card of the Owner; In regard for the abovementioned, the Service Provider explicitly concurs and agrees to the accompanying:
  • Service Provider won’t hold any issue with the Verification Executive or to ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA to present the Company Information with the end goal of Background Verification;
  • Service Provider recognizes and acknowledges that the Company Information outfitted by them is, truth be told, genuine and precise;
  • Service Provider approves and allows ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA and our Verification Executive, the privilege to store advanced duplicates of the Company Information, gave to our Verification Executive, for our records and keep up privacy for the equivalent;
  • Service Provider concurs that ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA can access and utilize the Website Information in regards to his/her Company to show such data in the ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA Website.
  • Service Provider gets that on the off chance that he/she wishes to expel or erase such Website Information or Company Information from our entrance, they may do as such by mentioning ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA to erase or evacuate their Profile, to some extent or in entire, from the ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA Website.
  • Service Provider agrees and acknowledges that ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA may make a right move, in its sole and outright tact, if:
    • I. the Service Provider rejects or items to presenting their Company Information;
    • II. on the off chance that any of the Company or Website Information gave is deficient, wrong or bogus;
    • III. in view of the ultimate result of the Background Verification;

ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA additionally maintains all authority to record any of your interchanges and discussions you may have with us, either through talk or informing, messages sent to ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA, or telephone calls to the ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA group, explicitly for quality and training purposes.


At the point when you access and utilize our Website, we may acquire and store some data in regards to your activities on our Website, which is gathered naturally from your program or cell phone (“Tracking Information”). Such data incorporates your IP address, program type, gadget type, operating system, preferred language, your geographic area utilizing GPS, Bluetooth or remote innovation on your gadget, URL of the connections you click on to, from and through our Website, including the date, time and span of snaps, and the territories of our Website that you visited. We may likewise record the length of your action on our Website and the recurrence of visits to our Website as well as use or acquisition of the Services on our Website.

Such Tracking Information gathered with respect to your action is primarily utilized for Website Analytics, to figure out which segments of our Website are generally loved/loathed relying upon the recurrence of visits and use by all Users and guests of our Website, so we can take a shot at improving the Website (or segments of it). Additionally, this data might be imparted to third-partyAd Networks (as clarified underneath) for advertising purposes to help target applicable promotions to Users.


ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA and its third party merchants additionally utilise Cookies to gather and store your Tracking Information for the previously mentioned purposes.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a little record that can be sent to your program, and put away on your PC, versatile, or whatever other gadget, when you visit a site. This cookie will assist the site with remembering and perceive your gadget whenever you visit that specific site. There are other comparable advances like pixel labels, clear GIFs, web bugs, web reference points, and others, which work similarly as cookies. ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA alludes to cookies and all such comparative advances, which gather your Tracking Information, as “Cookies” for this Policy.

How we use Cookies?

We use different types of Cookies for the purposes as explained below:

  • Basic/Operational – These cookies are vital for proficient tasks of ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA to give you the Services as required. For instance, they assist us with perceiving the kind of User you are, Service User or Service Provider, and redo our tasks for your prerequisites;
  • Execution/Analytics – These cookies assist us with dissecting the exhibition of the ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA Website and how they are utilized, gotten to or performing. We utilize such cookies to keep up and ceaselessly improve the ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA Website and its Services;
  • Functional – these cookies let us work the Website and Services as per your preferences by social occasion data about your exercises and decisions you made when you visited our Website already;
  • Focusing on Ads – with the assistance of such cookies, we will have the option to all the more likely objective advertisements that might be pertinent to you and your inclinations. We may likewise utilize the data caught through such cookies to quantify the adequacy of such promotions and manage the advertisements you get;
  • Third-Party – we may permit our Third-Party service providers, merchants, or colleagues, including advertisement systems, to utilize Cookies (“Third-Party Cookies”) on the ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA Website, for indistinguishable purposes from referenced previously. Such Third-Party Cookies are administered by the Terms of this Policy just as the protection approach or cookies arrangement of the individual Third-Party site or organization;

Can you disable Cookies?

Truly. Most web browsers ordinarily acknowledge cookies as a matter of course when you visit a specific website. Be that as it may, you can change your web browsers settings to acknowledge or decay cookies, or even erase explicit cookies.

Kindly note that on the off chance that you decide to decrease, square or reject cookies, you will be unable to utilise the Website and its Services with full opportunity, as the working of the site might be impeded if cookies are impaired.


We gather your data, including your Personal Information just as Tracking Information, as clarified above, and use it for the accompanying purposes:

  • To all the more likely comprehend your needs and customize your utilization of the ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA Website and the Services made accessible through the Website;
  • Interior documentation purposes;
  • To speak with you through messages, messages or some other digital mode for Service-related purposes, including yet not constrained to special messages or messages to advise you regarding different offers and other data in regards to ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA which you might be keen on;
  • To improve, keep up and upgrade your experience of utilizing the ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA Website and Services made accessible in that;
  • To break down your utilization of the Website, corporations with advertisements, advancements and so forth, and improve the adequacy of focusing on promotions to suitable crowds;
  • To adjust highlights and functionalities in the Website to suit your needs;
  • To implement the Terms of this Policy and additionally the Terms of Use, including to secure the property rights, copyrights, or well being of ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA and its Users;
  • Some other data about you, gathered from third-party sources, will be collected and put away alongside the data we have just acquired about you through our Website;
  • As generally expressed in this Policy;

Any adjustments later on, about our utilization of your data that was recently gathered, will be refreshed in our Privacy Policy around then and you will be informed about the equivalent. Your utilization of our Website, the Services offered through the Website and additionally sharing of data after such changes are made, will be esteemed as your agree to ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA to utilize your Personal or other total data as indicated by the provisions of the overhauled Policy.



We may unveil your Personal Information including yet not constrained to your name, telephone number, email address, area, Request history, and Reviews and objections (assuming any), (as well as Company and Website Information of Service Providers), whenever required to do as such, for the accompanying purposes:

  • To law requirement specialists or government authorities so as to:
    • I. follow a legitimate procedure (court request, subpoena or warrant),
    • II. help out an examination by law authorization or a legislative power,
    • III. some other lawful prerequisite;
  • in the event that revelation would perhaps ease our risk in a real or potential case;
  • To examine, manage and forestall extortion, security issues, specialized issues, or other criminal operations;
  • To uphold this Policy and our Terms and Conditions;
  • To secure the rights and property of ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA as well as any individual or element;


When you present your solicitation for a Service, we will impart your information to the Service Provider for them to have the option to react to your Request and do the Services. The data sent to the Service Providers will incorporate your Request subtleties, for example, your name, telephone number, email address, and area of current home just as goal.


To customize your experience of utilizing our Website, and to always improve and keep up our Website and Services, we may go into an agreement with third-party merchants or organizations (“Vendors”). We may need to share your Personal Information and Tracking Information with such Vendors, who won’t get the privilege to utilize your data for any reason other than explicitly allowed by ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA. We avoid potential risk to guarantee that these Vendors don’t endeavor to distinguish you by utilizing the data we give to them or by gathering extra data about you without your assent.

Be that as it may, in the event that you effectively decide to furnish third-party applications or sites with your data when you visit their sites or advertisements through ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA, or on the off chance that you explicitly grant them to gather extra data about you when you pursue their Services through our Website, at that point the third-party might have the option to recognize you utilizing the data given to them by ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA.

In such cases, the assortment, use and insurance of your data will be represented by the Privacy Policy of such third-party Vendors and not by ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA; and you concur that ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA won’t be considered mindful or at risk for any data you give to such Vendors or how it is being utilized.


We will impart your data to different Users on the off chance that you explicitly pick in to such sharing or to a specific User with whom you demand us to reveal your data; for instance, on the off chance that you are not happy with the Service Providers that were alluded by us, and you might want to be alluded to an alternate Service Provider, in such an occasion, for sending your Request and giving you the necessary Services, we may share your Personal Information alongside your Request subtleties with such a Service Provider.


Some of the information that you post on the Website will be visible to the other users of our Website including visitors, explained as below:

If you are a Service User, any information you post on our Website including Comments and Reviews will be available on the Website for all the visitors and other Users of our Website and/or Services. Any other identifiable information, including your Personal Information is only shared with others according to the rules of this Policy.

If you are a Service Provider, the information you post in your Profile page including, but not limited to, Personal Information and Website Information is available for all Users of the Website and/or Services.

If any Users of the Website and/or Services choose to post their own content on our Website including information that can be used to identify you, that information will be public to all Users and visitors of our Website, and ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA will not be responsible for any such actions taken by you. ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA cannot prevent and will not be liable to you for the manner in which such information will be used by others, that may be in breach of this Policy, your privacy or the law.


ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA may, whenever, extend, decrease, consolidation or sell the Business or its advantages altogether to a third-party element (“Successor”). There might be a business move or change in charge, either to some degree or in entire, contingent upon the obtaining of ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA by the Successor.

In such circumstances, regardless of whether ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA is experiencing a merger, rearrangement, development, decrease, deal, insolvency, obtaining, or move of a part or the entirety of its business or resources, ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA maintains whatever authority is needed to share, move or sell your Personal Information and some other total data gathered by us about you, to such a Successor. The insurance, use and move of your data will be represented by the Privacy Policy of such a Successor from that point and ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA might not have any power over the utilization of your data in such a circumstance.


ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA, at its sole attentiveness, may send you certain correspondences through email, SMS or some other advanced medium (e.g., WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and so forth.) for advertising, business or limited time purposes, which you will get on the email address/telephone number you gave to us. You may choose to quit such interchanges, by requesting that we quit (utilizing the ‘withdraw’ directions) whenever. Despite the previous, you will keep on accepting customary messages or messages in regards to the insights regarding the Services you have mentioned for. A portion of these special correspondences you may get from us incorporates:


ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA may convey Newsletters in regards to the organization, occasional news, refreshes, advancements, administrations, current progressing offers and considerably more, to the email locations of Users who profit and decide to get Newsletters from us. You may quit accepting such Newsletters by following the connection to ‘withdraw’ which are explicitly referenced in such sends.


We may offer intuitive surveys with the goal that we can comprehend what the Users think about the Website, Services and additionally significant issues that should be tended to by ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA. You can impart your insights with different clients of the Website and we will just utilize the summarized information of the surveys to show the outcomes, which won’t be separately recognizable to a specific individual.


ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA may direct Surveys whenever to have the option to comprehend and focus on the important substance of the Website or Ads to Users. We won’t impart singular insights or reactions of every User from the Survey with any Third-Party Service Providers or others; be that as it may, we will share the accumulated aftereffect of such Surveys directed, to the Third-Parties who require such data and we will post such collected outcomes on our Website for different Users to see.

Aside from such limited time messages, we may send you standard messages or messages with respect to the utilization of our Services, exchange affirmation, and support related declarations, (for example, if our Website is incidentally suspended for upkeep). You may NOT OPT OUT of such correspondences, as they are for instructive purposes just and not special in nature.


ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA is focused on securing your data utilizing procedural and innovative measures to forestall unapproved access, use or disclosure of your data. We update our Server Software all the time and follow current patterns of safety efforts for information insurance. Notwithstanding, no safety efforts are totally secure, and we can’t ensure 100% security of your data whenever.

Service Providers, who need to make a Profile to access and utilize our Website, must utilize a secret key that is hearty and must not be imparted to any third individual. ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA will utilize secret word and other significant information encryptions to help ensure your Personal Information and Company Information in your Profile against unapproved access and use.

Be that as it may, in the event that you decide to impart your passwords to other people, you will be exclusively liable for any moves made through your Profile. If there should be an occurrence of any unapproved utilization of your data due to taken, lost, traded off or shared passwords, or some other action through your Profile, ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA won’t be capable or at risk to you in any capacity.


ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA means to just gather your data as much as it is vital for the reasons for which they are gathered. We will hold your data for whatever length of time that important to furnish you with the Services and as portrayed in this Policy. In any case, ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA may likewise be required to hold your Information to agree to legitimate and administrative commitments, resolve questions, and uphold this Policy and Terms and Conditions. The idea of utilization of such data gathered or got from you will be explicitly for the vital reason for which it was gathered or as explicitly expressed in this Policy.


You can get to, update, erase, or change or confine the manner in which we utilize any data we have gathered and put away about you; we will do the necessary changes or cancellation of your data physically at your solicitation. On the off chance that your data that is either shown on the Website or put away with us has changed, become outdated, old or wrong, we urge you to refresh the equivalent immediately. You may get to and deal with your data by:

We will require considerable recognizable proof and confirmation from you, to help us remotely check that you are in actuality the approved proprietor of the data you are mentioning to access, refresh or erase. Simply in the wake of accepting such affirmation, we will have the option to furnish you with any subtleties of the data you are mentioning for, or update, erase or make any sort of changes to the equivalent.


ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA may contain ads and other substance that connect to third-party sites (“Links”). We are not liable for the Links put together by such third-gatherings, and arrangement of such Links on our Website doesn’t comprise our support or affirmation of such third-party Links.

You concur that ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA gives these Links absolutely to show and notice purposes and won’t be obligated to you or any third-party for the data presented by you in such Links. These Links are represented by the Privacy Policy of their particular third-party sites and ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA has no power over how these third-party sites will gather and process your data. Consequently, you concur that ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA won’t be considered mindful or be obligated for any misfortune or harm, brought about by you, as a consequence of your utilization of such Links. You concur that your utilization of these Links or third-party sites is exclusively your choice and at your own hazard.


ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA may team up with third-party online Ad Networks (“Ad Networks”) that show our notices on different sites based on your visits to our Website. This is commonly used to show certain promotions either dependent on explicit destinations you visited or as indicated by your area. We may give to these Ad Networks, your Tracking Information including however not restricted to your use of our Website in addition to other things, just as total data pretty much all guests to our Website and Users of our Services.

This enables us and third-gatherings to have the option to all the more likely objective ads for items as well as Services which you may be keen on. Advertisement Networks use Cookies, JavaScript, and other following advancements to quantify the adequacy of the promotions being shown for you, in this way making it simpler to alter promotions as per your inclinations. These Ad Networks use Cookies that are represented by their particular third-party organization’s Privacy Policy and not be ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA’s Cookies Policy.


ALDHRO SERVICES OR LOGISTICADDA maintains all authority to refresh, change, adjust or make corrections to this Privacy Policy whenever as essential and to fulfill legitimate prerequisites. We will post the reexamined Policy on this page in our Website and will tell you of the progressions by refreshing the last modified date (the primary line of this archive). We urge you to audit this Policy normally for any changes. Proceeded with utilization of the Website, Services and your arrangement of data after such changes are made, will be esteemed as your assent of such changes and you consent to be bound by the terms and states of the Revised Privacy Policy.


On the off chance that you have any inquiries, concerns, or protests in regards to our Privacy Policy, our utilization or divulgence of your data, or any uncertain issues which were not tended to sufficiently by us, you should initially get in touch with us (as referenced underneath) and we will lead the important examinations and bend over backwards to determine your questions and grievances as per this Policy.

Get in touch with us

In the event that you have any inquiries or questions in regards to our Privacy Policy, you may contact our Support Team through email: [email protected] for more data. We will react to all solicitations inside 15 working days.