Things To Do Before Car Transport In Gurgaon

There are times when one has to move to a distant place and cannot drive their vehicle for that long. There are car transport services available for those cases that transport cars from one place to another with all its safety. Being the car one of the really important assets to one, there are certain things that one should take care of before giving it to any company offering car carrier services.

How to Prepare the Car for a Transport

  • Wash the vehicle: One should ensure that they are washing the vehicle before sending it for transport to their desired location. Before the pick-up, the driver will do a vehicle condition of the vehicle and examine all its damages that may be present on the vehicle.
  • Click pictures of the vehicle: One should take pictures of the vehicle before handing it to the car transport company so that they have information of the condition of the vehicle and can check after it is delivered to the location that they have instructed. This will help in claiming if any damages are found after the delivery.
  • Click a picture of Odometer: Well, this is not something expected and nor any car carrier company would choose to do, but still to be cautious won’t harm the car owner. So, one should take a picture of the Odometer to have information about the vehicle’s distance travelled.
  • Interior should be cleaned: One should make sure that the car’s interior is cleaned enough as car trailers are quite big and bounce up and down during the journey, which can cause any loose items to move around. It’s better to remove these things from the inside to avoid any damage, theft, or losing it. Items like phone holders, car chargers, GPS devices, portable DVD players, air fresheners, spare change items, pens, etc., all should be removed before the car is given to the car carrier company.
  • Check for battery, radiator, and tires: One should check the car’s battery, radiator, and tires before sending their car to the car transport company for transport. The radiator should be antifreeze and battery, fully charged. Tires should be properly inflated as there are chances of tires getting damaged if they are under-inflated or over-inflated.
  • Check for Fluid Leakage: One should surely check this one before they give their car for transportation. If there is any leakage, the driver who comes for the pick-up must be informed about it. If it’s a minor one, it can be fixed easily; if not, then they may not accept it for transportation.
  • Keep the Gas 1/8 to ¼ Full: One should make sure that the gas is sufficient enough to drive on or off the trailer and not just empty. The lighter the car will be, it’ll be easier for the car transport company to take it to the desired location. It’s good to keep ¼ tank of gas or even less before it is sent for transport.

Things That One Should Know Before Settling up for any Car Carrier Service in Gurgaon.

Before one sends their car for transport, they should acquire all the information from the car carrier company about its service. It’s the very basic thing that one must do without any fail as it’s the matter of a car and not just any stuff. Also, they should look for other companies offering car transport services to have an idea about the services and compare. Here, we are listing few points that should be kept in mind before giving the car to a company offering car carrier services –

  • One should be aware of the company about the route that the car should be dropped as it reaches its location.
  • One should have information from the car transport company to deliver the car to the desired location.
  • One should be quite aware of the rates/quotes being offered by the car carrier company before settling up with them for transporting their car. One should know the market rates to help them select the best car transport company for their car to be moved to.
  • One should have a word with the car carrier company about the mode of payment they accept and the security deposit policy, if they have, on a prior basis. This would help avoid any last moment hassle and keep things sorted between the company and the customer.
  • One should take information about the kind of packaging done to their car before giving it to the car transport company.
  • One should take information from the car carrier company on tracking their car online. This would help trace one’s car location throughout the journey and estimate the time that will be taken to deliver the car to its desired location.
  • One should not forget to ask about the date and time of the car being delivered.

Conclusion: There are many companies offering car carrier services in Gurgaon as there is also a need for it. One thing that shouldn’t be skipped is the car’s security and safety! It is important, be it from the customer’s end or the car transport company’s end, it’s not something to be overlooked. Once this is done effectively, more than half of the job is already done!

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