Things To Know About Car Shifting in Bangalore

There are a number of different ways to transport cars. The most practical and reliable way is by road. Being the vast country that India is, railways and other means of transport may not cover door-to-door delivery. Road transport anyhow guarantees that you don’t move an inch away from your home and is, in fact, a door-to-door delivery model of car transport. Here are some tips to keep in mind for car transport in Bangalore.


When moving on your own car, the amount of stuff being moved should be such that it can be handled by your car. It is to be noted that the more stuff you have to move, the more trips back and forth you will need to make. It is not at all convenient if you are moving long-distance, especially in a city like Bangalore. Nevertheless, if you are moving to a nearby locality, it would not be much of a problem. Anyway, there is always the option of seeking assistance from car transport services in Bangalore.


Price of fuel and distance to be travelled.

You should have an estimate of the number of gas stops you might need to take in order to shift your car. Make sure to analyze the distance and price of gas before setting out in your own vehicle. This will give you an idea of the budget required for the trip, and also give you an approximate for the time taken for the move.

Condition of your car 

It is extremely important to have your car checked out and serviced by a professional before moving.  The components of the car that should be particularly examined by a service professional are tire pressure and fluid levels. It is suggested to inspect other basic car maintenance actions as well. This will ensure a safe move. Top car transport services in Bangalore do make sure of this aspect of car-shifting.

Proper interior packing

Take good care while packing your belongings in the car before handing them over to the movers. Make a plan for how to pack and load your stuff into the car accordingly. This would enable you to pack in the most efficient way possible. When devising your packing plan, arrange your items such that their weight would be evenly distributed.


Some start-up moving companies may shift your car by simply driving to its destination to save their costs. To avoid this, it is always advised to go with a credible car mover available in Bangalore to assure that your car goes safely enclosed in trucks built for car movement. These trucks have harnesses and slots to facilitate the most cautious means for car transportation in Bangalore. 

The procedure of transporting a car in Bangalore can be quite tedious, but it might not be all that difficult with the right services to help you out. We hope these recommendations have helped with your car shifting in Bangalore.

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